TN Chief Secretary Ram Mohan Rao’s First Press Conference after IT Raids, Thanks Mamta Banerjee and Rahul Gandhi First

    Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary, Ram Mohan Rao, appeared in his first TV press conference after the sequence of raids which were conducted by the Income Tax Department on him and all his family members. He begin his speech by profusely thanking West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, Congress VP Rahul Gandhi and AIADMK Spokesperson S R Balasubramanian.

    In the 20 minute press conference which followed, he blatantly alleged that raids conducted on his residence, his family members and his office premises is a constitutional assault. He has alleged that he is still the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu and has not received any suspension order revoking his position. He has directed an attack at the present AIADMK Government, suggesting that they do not posses the guts to transfer him.

    He also had clearly stated that his name was not present in the search warrant that was initially produced by the IT Department on 21st December 2016. Apart from alleging Center Government’s link in raiding of his house, he pointed out he had no support from the State Government. He had suggested violation of constitution by the use of CRPF at his house.

    Despite the raids conducted on his house, he suggested that IT department have not found any concrete physical evidence. Giving a list of items found, Ram Mohan Rao also provided a copy of the “panchnaama” to the present representatives.

    He kept re-iterating the fact that if Ex-Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa would have been alive, such acts would have not happened in the state. On questioning his alleged links with Sand Mining Mafia, Sekar Reddy, Ram Mohan Rao had clearly denied any business links with him. Apart from this, he kept lamenting about the personal danger to his life hinting that he might need a security cover soon.

    What do you feel could be the real scenario here? Please post your views as comments.