Today Ex-PM Dr. Manmohan Singh’s birthday will be celebrated as Indian National Congress Silence Day

Any Guesses why it is Indian National Congress Silence today, yes you guessed it right, “It is Ex-PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh’s birthday today”. Born 26 September 1932, Dr. Manmohan Singh served as the Prime Minister of India from 2004 to 2014. Singh was also the first prime minister since Jawaharlal Nehru to be re-elected after completing a full five-year term.

Born in Gah (now in Punjab, Pakistan), Singh’s family migrated to India during its partition in 1947. After obtaining his doctorate in economics from Oxford, Singh worked for the United Nations during 1966–69. He subsequently began his bureaucratic career when Lalit Narayan Mishra hired him as an advisor in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Over the 70s and 80s, Singh held several key posts in the Government of India, such as Chief Economic Advisor (1972–76), Reserve Bank governor (1982–85) and Planning Commission head (1985–87).

Political opponents including L. K. Advani have claimed that Singh is a “weak” Prime Minister. Advani declared “He is weak. What do I call a person who can’t take his decisions until 10 Janpath gives instruction.” The Independent also claimed that Singh did not have genuine political power.

He was termed Silent PM as Singh’s public image had been tarnished with his coalition government having been accused of various corruption scandals since the start of its second term in 2009. Even after being highly educated and a economist he could not do anything about scams during his tenure. As rightly claimed by PM Narendra Modi, Singh is well aware of “Taking bath wearing a Raincoat”. Major scams during Dr. Manmohan Singh’s tenure like Indian Coal Allocation Scam – (2012 – 1,86,000 Crore) and 2G Spectrum Scam – (2008 – 1,76,000 Crore) have hit the economy hard but still Singh has a clean tag.

There is no doubt Indian Economy suffered due to his Silence review to the scams during his tenure. Moreover, he was not termed guilty for any of the scams when he was the head of the cabinet. His “Silent” behaviour will surely be remembered for years to come as a loss to economy and a burden on Citizens of India!!

(Information Source: Wikipedia)

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