Top 5 Romantic Movies Of All Time


Hindi movies have always dished out the best romances. Certain pairs, films, and characters have been iconic when associating with love and passion. An age-old genre, it has stood all the tests of time and continues to enthrall whenever presented with right emotional trappings.

Let us see the top 5 romantic movies of all time.

#1. DDLJ: No romantic list is complete without DDLJ. Raj woos Simran in the best way possible, and there is the perfect balance of humor and family drama. Certain scenes and dialogues have won the hearts of audience across generations. The music was a hit, and the movie has reached cult status among viewers.

#2. Hum Aapke Hai Kaun: This Salman-Madhuri starrer is famous for its song ‘Didi Tera Devar.’ Also, the cutesy romantic scenes between the lead pair make for aww-inducing moments. The romance between the man and his sister-in-law’s sister is very well presented. The angst when they have to separate due to unavoidable circumstances will make you weep as well.

#3. Veer Zaara: The factor of love in the backdrop of Indo-Pak in a beautifully hued, poetic manner is what makes Veer Zaara a classic. An air force pilot falling in love with a soon to be a married woman and his imprisonment to save her life is heartbreakingly presented through Yash Chopra’s eyes. The two leads believe in destiny to get them together and has been the premise for many movies to follow.

#4. Sangam: The most famous triangular love story ever. Two thick friends fall in love with the same girl. How they deal with their insecurities, heartbreaks, emotional upheavals is what makes Sangam beautiful. The stubborn character, self-sacrifice and overall sacrifice run through the story making it a classic.

#5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: The tale of friendship and love is subtle in this modern day classic. Naina and Karan Thapar are a pair here while Aditi’s one-sided love for Avi yields no good. It makes us understand that one needs to move on when one does not receive the same love in response. This well-narrated tale of love, joy, and soulmates is contemporary in its approach and had massive success at the box office.

These movies are the right dose of romance in all angles and approach, and a timeless packaging. There are many more movies, but these stand out in terms of impact. Let us know which one is your favorite.