Top guns of Indian cricket slammed Shahid Afridi for his tweets on Kashmir

Seems like Shahid Afridi is not going to get away easily with his insensitive and immature comments about India and the situation in Kashmir. Following the footsteps of Gautam Gambhir, all the top guns of Indian cricket have lashed out against the former Pakistan skipper.

Sachin Tendulkar the God of the game himself, advised ‘Lala’ to stay out of India’s internal matters by saying that outsiders don’t need to tell us about what we should do. “I think it’s obvious that we have capable people to manage our country. No outsider needs to tell us what we need to do,” Master Blaster said.

The current Skipper of the Team India, Virat Kohli also joined the bandwagon by condemning the comments of Afridi. The captain made a bold statement by saying that he would never support anything that is against the interests of the Nation. “As an Indian you want to express what is best for your nation and my interests are always for the benefit of our nation. If anything opposes it, I would never support it for sure,” ANI quoted Kohli as saying.

“But having said that, it’s a very personal choice for someone to comment about certain issues. Unless I have total knowledge of the issues and the intricacies of it I don’t engage in it but definitely your priority stays with your nation,” he added.

Slamming the Pakistani players is the favorite hobby of Indian cricketers. The former and India’s first world Cup winning captain, Kapil Dev also couldn’t resist himself from joining the party. The man who is known as the ‘first superhero of Indian cricket’ asked the people of India to ignore certain individuals. “Who is he? Why are we giving importance to him? We should not be giving importance to certain people,” he said.

Big hitter Suresh Raina who is himself a Kashmiri Pandit and has roots in the valley, launched scatching attack on Afridi. In his tweet Raina said that he hopes Afridi would ask Pakistan army to stop terrorism and proxy war in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir.

The hard-hitting opener of Indian team Shikhar Dhawan also advised Afridi to focus on the issues of his own country. Pehle khudke desh ki haalat sudharo. Apni soch apne paas rakho. “Apne desh ka joh hum kar rahe hai woh acha hi hai aur aage jo karna hai woh humein ache se pata hai. Zyaada dimaag mat lagao @SAfridiOfficial” ( Please focus on improving the conditions of your own country. What we are doing in our country is for the good and we know what we’ll do in future. Don’t use your brain much) he said on Twitter.

While India’s Natwest final hero, former international Md Kaif given a completely different angle to the situation. He suggested that the frustration of Pakistani players not getting to play in Indian Premier League (IPL) may be the cause of such irresponsible statements. He also reminsed Afridi that India wishes peace and love but “peace is a two way street.”

“Can’t imagine Afridi making these comments if Pakistani players were still playing in the IPL. Rather, what’s needed to be condemned foremost is the reason because of which Pakistani players are not allowed to play in the IPL – Infiltration from Pakistani terrorists and Pakistan’s support to separatists. We wish peace and love but peace is a two way street,” Kaif said.

However it was former India vice-captain and current Delhi Daredevils captain Gautam Gambhir who started the entire Afridi slamming party. Gambhir in his tweet had criticized Afridi in strongest words. “Media called me for reaction on @SAfridiOfficial tweet on OUR Kashmir & @UN. What’s there to say? Afridi is only looking for @UN which in his retarded dictionary means “UNDER NINTEEN” his age bracket. Media can relax, @SAfridiOfficial is celebrating a dismissal off a no- ball,” Gambhir said.

Former Pakistan captain, Shahid Afridi in a tweet had termed the recent crackdown of Indian Army on Hizbul and Lashkar Terrorists in Valley, as oppression of innocent. He had also urged UN and other international bodies to intervene in Kashmir Valley.

Imran Khan, too, had posted a similar tweet: “The people of Pakistan stand with the Kashmiris democratic struggle for self-determination.”

On Sunday, 12 terrorists were killed in the Valley in one of the biggest security operations in recent history.

The operations rendered a severe dent to terror groups such as Hizbul Mujahideen and the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

In the operations conducted over the weekend in three separate locations in the Valley, 12 terrorists were killed, one was captured alive and four civilians lost their lives in the ensuing stone-pelting. Three jawans were also martyred in the gun battle with the terrorists.