Top Hilarious Diwali Tweets for our Dog Loving Liberals !!!

Diwali is called the festival of lights, the time of the year when your whole family gets together and celebrate with warmth and happiness. The time of the year when you surprise your Dad with a new electronic gadget which he had been too shy to buy for himself. The time of the year when you can gift your Mom the branded watch which she felt was a sheer waste of money.

It is the time of the year when foe turns friends, even your pesky neighbors would come home to share some sweets. It is time for us all to unwind and think of how to spend time with our own family and family only. Many of us would have told our bosses that he/she will not even be switching on their phones during these Holidays.

Amidst all these Celebrations, there are a group of people who are never off. They have dedicated their life time to the Social Media World. Yes I am talking about the mighty Twitterati. Be it any Holiday, any Disaster or even on Vacations, they are there. They are always there to talk about Sarcasm, Social Awareness and especially to attack the Liberals.

This Diwali as always, has raked up the issue of being Dog friendly. To be faithful to one’s Dog or to be faithful to one’s crackers has been the biggest question of this Diwali. This is a compilation of few Hilarious and Sarcastic tweets for this Diwali with the involvement of Dogs.

Hardly do you find Communal Sanghis being sarcastic. But when they do, they really are mean to the Dog Lovers !!!

These Nationalists are a little Logic oriented in their own field. They show proof and make the Liberals suffer, for Liberals are always Illogical when it comes to Dog and Diwali !!!

Hope you liked the compilation, please share the same to frustrate yet another Dog Lover !!!