Top Lies of Arvind Kejriwal in his Journey from AAM to KHAS AADMI via Mission Swaraj-Full Video

We all know that Arvind Kejriwal is a lie master and number of lies of arvind kejriwal could not be counted since there are many of them. But here is a consolidated collection of best lies of Arvind Kejriwal from his days in IAC with Anna Hazare. Few best of them below.

  1. I have no Political Ambitions
  2. I will not form alliance with congress or BJP since we wanna finish(He meant Legalize) corruption.
  3. 300+page proof against Sheela Dixit.
  4. Getting Official Bungalow and Luxury cars and then fooling his supporters.
  5. FIR against Sheela Dixit

Here is the full Krantakari collection of his best lies.

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