Top points from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Address to the Nation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the Nation. He announced that the Prime Minister Anna Yojana scheme would be extended till the end of November. As part of which, 5 kilo grams of Rice or wheat along one kilo gram of pulses and one kilo gram of chickpea would be provided free of cost to the financially weak citizens.

Prime Minister said that in coming festive season people’s needs and requirements are going to rise and so government wants to provide them with some relief. He also said that over the lockdown period, the Centre and State governments made sure that nobody sleeps without a meal. He requested the state’s to pace up the process of implementing “One nation One Ration Card.”

The Prime Minister reiterated his dream of a self sufficient India and resolved of continuing economic activities even in these challenging times. He said his Government is commited to strengthening the downtrodden.

While urging to continue economic activists, Prime Minister also cautioned against carelessness in Covid protection. He said that wearing masks is a necessity and all must obey by the rules. “Whether village Chief or Prime Minister, nobody is above law,” he said.