Trailer of upcoming Netflix series Leila attracts severe criticism on twitter, gets slammed for being “Hinduphobic”

The trailer of upcoming Indian Netflix series Leila has stirred a major controversy. Based on Prayaag Akbar’s book of the same name, the web series is set in a future dystopia where Aryavarta is a code of life, everyone should abide by.

In this dystopian reality, ‘Aryavarta’ is the supreme rule to follow, that strictly punishes mixed blood or intermingling between communities. The protagonist Shalini plsuwd by Huma Qureshi, changes her religion after marrying Riz, a Muslim man. However as per the laws of the land, they are forcibly separated and their daughter Leila, disappears at the age of three, at the same time Riz also dies. Shalini, sixteen years later tries to find her missing daughter, from where the story proceeds.

Apart from the frequent usage of terms like Aryavarta which are deeply associated with Hindu history and legends, other symbols of the religion are yajna (fire ritual) can be seen in the video.

People on social media have lashed out at the online streaming service for spreading Hinduphobia with such shows. They accused it to be a deliberate attempt of defaming the Hindu community. “OMG, such mischievous portrayal of Hindus is obviously meant to incite hate in others.. WHY? Because Hindus are the most tolerant people? Why this full distortion of truth?
Makes one realize how big the powers are which want to uproot Hindu Dharma,” said Maria Wirth, a well known writer on Hinduism and indic culture.

“India’s first dystopian story, Leila is set in an imagined world, Aryavarta, in which there is great suffering, extreme and totalitarian rules of engagement and fictional extremes constructed around an obsession with purity, communal and divisive societal dramas and grit,” a press release from Netflix stated. The cast includes Siddharth, Arif Zakaria and Ashwath Bhatt.