TRAITORS SLAPPED: Anupam Kher’s speech at The Telegraph National Debate 2016

anupam kher slaps traitors image 1

Speaking at the Telegraph National Debate 2016, Anupam Kher slammed all those who are supporting JNU traitors. Anupam Kher got emotional after listening to congress spokesperson Surjewala, Justice Ganguly and others who supported Kanhaiya and Khaled and indirectly insulted the Supreme Court.

Anupam Kher went on to explain how intolerance is a work being marketed to take revenge of the big loss that Congress faced in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He mocked Congress by reminding them of Indira’s emergency and calling the emergency the biggest intolerance in the country. He further mocked Congress by calling them tolerant as they are tolerating a dumb person as their prime ministerial candidate.

Kher also praised the spirit of Prime Minister Modi by pointing that he has never taken a single leave since he became the PM. He is also the only PM to have spent 3 of his Diwalis with soldiers in Kashmir. He slammed the opposition of being intolerant to him because they cannot digest this. He also highlighted the fact that Corruption word became extinct during Modi’s tenure. Hence, intolerance word was invented.

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