Triple Talaq: Muslim woman writes a letter in blood to Chief Justice of India, seeks justice or permission to die

Opposing the Triple Talaq given to her by husband, a Muslim woman in Madhya Pradesh wrote a letter in blood to the Chief Justice of India for justice or the permission to die. As per the report from Hindi daily dainik bhaskar, Shabana, wanted to work as she had completed a nursing course. But her husband, Tipu Shah, wanted her to work in fields. She also said that Tipu had a second wedding after torturing her for dowry.


Several Muslim women have come out recently to protest against Triple Talaq. Earlier this year, a Muslim woman in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh had decided to convert to Hinduism after she was forced into prostitution following Triple Talaq by her husband.



In the letter, the victim women requested the CJI to ban Triple Talaq as it destroyed her and her four-year-old daughter’s lives. She has given a detailed information on how her life was made a living hell in pretext of following religious sentiments. The woman’s husband told the daily that Shabana was not living in the house properly. Tipu Shah escaped from questions saying he has divorced Shabana as per the Islamic rituals and their ends the story.


The women said her husband had given Triple talaq to her. After that, he forced her to undergo Nikah Halala and sent her to a friend. When she returned to her husband after three months, he didn’t accept her and instead forced her into prostitution. Under Sharia law, a woman who has undergone a divorce cannot remarry her husband unless she marries another man and the relationship is consummated.


The woman told reporters that in the name of religion, a number of Muslim women have to undergo a lot of suffering. Almost every Muslim woman is facing some sort of torture. They are married off at a young age and then forced to bear children’s after children’s and finally they are divorced, the report quoted her as saying. She now has no clue on how she goes about living her life.



News Courtesy : Financial Express