Triple Talaq ordinance unconstitutional: Owaisi

Soon after the Union Cabinet approved an ordinance on the Triple Talaq Bill, making it a criminal act, All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) president Asaduddin Owaisi said the ordinance is “unconstitutional and against Muslim women.”

“This ordinance is against the Muslim women. This ordinance will not provide justice to the Muslim women. In Islam, marriage is a civil contract and bringing penal provisions in it is wrong. This ordinance is unconstitutional. It is against the Constitution’s right to equality as it is being made only for Muslims. All India Muslim Personal Law Board and women organisations should challenge this ordinance in the Supreme Court,” he added.

Imam Sajid Rashidi also criticised the Centre and said that the ordinance can be misused.
“Earlier, the Supreme Court in its decision said that giving Triple Talaq at one time will not be considered as valid. This will be declared as null and void. If it won’t be considered valid, then how can it be considered a crime? If they are considering it under the category of crime then it is like an atrocity against Muslims. They are harassing Muslims by taking such decisions,” Rashidi told ANI.

“They are trying to put Muslim youths in jail. Various women organisations had earlier said that it should come under the category of domestic violence and not be considered a crime. Centre has not listened to anyone – women’s organisation, Islamic organisations or any other Maulana. This government is trying to attack the Muslims directly. This ordinance can be misused,” he added.

Expressing similar sentiments, Maulana Rashid Firangi said, “Supreme Court didn’t ask the government to make it a criminal offence. All Muslim organisations, including Muslim women, had earlier demanded that the bill should be referred to a select committee for making changes. What the government has done is against the democratic norms.”

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi led-government approved the ordinance after the Tripe Talaq Bill could not be tabled in the Rajya Sabha due to lack of consensus last month during the Monsoon Session of the Parliament, even as the Union Cabinet had approved an amendment to the Bill.

Triple Talaq, or verbal divorce, is often practised by a section in the Muslim community in India to instantly divorce their wives by uttering the word ‘Talaq’ three times. Several Muslim and women organisations have, over the years, have decried the practice, calling it un-Islamic and anti-women.