Triple Talaq: Shumaila Javed, national-level netball champion gets divorce on phone for giving birth to girl child

As per the reports, a national-level netball player Shumaila Javed who hails from Amroha district of UP was divorced after her husband said ‘Talaq’ thrice over the phone following the birth of a girl child.

Shumaila Javed, a national level champion for seven times was married to Azam Abbasi, a resident of Lucknow’s Gosaiganj area in 2014.

Talking to leading news agency ANI, Shumaila said, “On February 9, 2014, I got married to Azam Abbasi. From the starting, my in-laws used to torture me for dowry. They used to exploit me. Every now and then, they used to ask for dowry from my father.” Narrating her horrifying story to ANI, Shumaila said, “In June 2014, my father gave them Rs. two lakh. For some time, they treated me well. My husband’s sister even tried to put me on fire. In September, my father again deposited Rs. one lakh in their account.”

” My in-laws even conducted an ultrasound when they learnt that I was pregnant. They always wanted a son and threatenedme of dire consequences if I gave birth to baby girl. When I was eight months pregnant, they thrashed me out of the house. When I gave birth to a girl they left me stranded,” Shumaila Javed said.

“My father took me to my in-laws afterwards but they threatened him as well. My father left me there. But my in-laws kept on abusing me, both physically and mentally. In April, my husband divorced me through triple talaq,” she further added. Shumaila also claimed that she did not get any assistance from police or administration.

Left with no single option, the national-level champion has sought help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Demanding justice, Shumaila has written a letter to PM Modi and CM Yogi. ” I urge the Prime Minister to help me in this grave situation. He should set an example for all such people, who divorce their wives through triple talaq,” she said.

Source: India .com