Twitter erupts over this Video allegedly showing Muslims doing Namaz in Mahabalipuram shore temple !!

Hindu temples are centers of energy manifestation. Consecration, Pranapratishta, Avahanam are done for the same purpose. There is a vigyan of subtle sound science associated with it. Ancient temples especially the Punyasthalams, Divyadesams, Shaktipeethams, Abhimanasthalams etc have a particular sound vibration and energies associated, which have been preserved for centuries.

In the first case, a temple is meant as a sacred place, not a tourist place. Non-Hindus can be disrespectful either due to ignorance or intentionally. Recently, in the Mahabalipuram  shore temple – which is one of the oldest structural stone temples of South India, some muslims were allegedly seen doing Namaz in temple premises.

Earlier, SatyaVijayi spoke to the Twitter user who has alleged that namaz was being performed in the heritage site of Mahabalipuram and confirmed the incident. Several twitter users have also raised concern over this particular incident.

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