Twitter faces flak from Indian Twitterati after Jack poses with Racist & Anti-Brahmin placard

The Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey who was recently on an Indian tour, is attracting a lot of heat from the country’s people due to some of his actions. Dorsey was caught on camera holding a placard saying “Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy”, at a closed-door meeting with a group of left-leaning women journalists.

This photograph of Jack Dorsey holding the controversial placard was later shared on twitter by one of the attendees of the meeting, Anna MM Vetticad. And as it went viral, Indian Twitter users started flooding the social media website with angry reactions for the racist content.

The people who voiced their objections to the actions of the Twitter CEO in India, included several well known names such as former Infosys chief financial officer, Mohandas Pai, and famous indologist Maria Wirth. People accused Dorsey of spewing hatred against the Brahmin community.

The criticism of Twitter CEO was so intense that the micro-blogging had to come up with an unofficial clarification. According to the post made by the company on Twitter,  Twitter founder Jack Dorsey had been participating in the closed-door interaction with women journalists when one of them, a Dalit journalist, gifted him the poster. The company also added that the placard was not a statement by Twitter or its CEO but rather an attempt hearing the diverse voices that are part of society.

Twitter further added that this was not an official statement from the company but only a sort of clarification.

The clarification, however did not seem to be convincing Indian people at all. IPS officer, Sandeep went to the extent of suggesting that the actions of Jack Dorsey are “fit case for registration of a criminal case for attempt to destablise the nation.”

The storm that has hit Twitter due to what many believe its CEO’s irresponsible behavior, is not going to calm down any time soon. Previously, various websites and online services such as Snapdeal, have paid heavily for angering the Indian Twitter users.