Twitter User from Tamil Nadu shares An Awesome Story On How A Policeman handled Cracker Ban Complaint by Church Member

This year on Diwali, the Supreme Court had set a restriction on the bursting of firecrackers by allowing it for only two hours of the day. The timings of the two hour window for firecracker bursting was to be decided by the respective State Governments, keeping in mind the local traditions.

Though the SC ruling can’t be termed a success as most parts of the country witnessed firecracker bursting for well more than 5-6 hours, reports of police action against those who were openly caught breaking rule poured in from various parts. However, people in general did not take the police action in this regard very well as bursting of firecrackers on Diwali is an age old tradition and apparently despite the SC order, society still doesn’t consider it to be an act of crime.

Amid this, an incident involving police and little children from Tamil Nadu that was shared on twitter seems to be the most unique story of this Diwali. Few children of a North Indian family who reside in Chennai, were bursting crackers a day after the South Indian Diwali, on the street outside of their house.

It must be noted that North and West Indians celebrate Diwali a day after some of their East and South Indian counterparts as according to the local traditions. And even though the Tamil Nadu Government had allowed the bursting of firecrackers for a limited period on both days, these childrens doing it well before the alloted timeframe.

“Annoyed by the kids bursting firecrackers, one Christian gentleman from a church situated in the same street, dialed the police. When the cops arrived, they found children aged between 10-15 bursting mostly harmless crackers such as flower pots,” the person who shared the story on Twitter, told SatyaVijayi.

Instead of calling their parents, the police gently asked the children to wrap up their crackers and burst them on their building’s terrace. “Kids go inside and burst crackers in terrace. I dont have warrants to enter your homes. You do whatever you want in your homes,” the police reportedly told the children.

Before leaving, the police also instructed the children to inform them if they see anyone even lighting up a match-stick on Christmas, before the fixed timeframe to burst crackers on that day.

The manner in which police settled the issue involving children, received positive responses from the people on twitter.

While there were no arrests in this case, police had taken actions against those who were seen breaking the rule in other parts of Tamil Nadu. Though almost everyone were released immediately because were no orders to take strict action in this matter by the state Government, as it is a matter of contempt of court and hence only court can decide the punishment for it.