Twitter User Pooja Who Refused to Talk to a Muslim Representative of Airtel Gets Rape Threats

A Twitter user with the account name Pooja Singh (@pooja303singh) has been in a major controversy. It all started with the users complaining to Airtel DTH regarding bad service.

Airtel representative was quick to reply, acknowledge the complain and assured to look into the issue.

What was shocking is that the Twitter user Pooja refused to work with a “Muslim” customer representative and replied with the below tweet.

Obvious, the vicious natured tweet was viral within no time and several people slammed the twitter user Pooja for her tweet. Several celebrities from Politicians, Journalists to activists criticized Pooja for her tweet.

The Tweet found a place on account of former CM of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah’s account, which shows the criticality of the tweet, and the importance how one tweet can be used to prove the agenda.

But now as most would have imagined, Pooja is receiving rape threats, sexual abuse and personal remarks on her. The twitter user posted the screenshot of these threats.

Uttar Pradesh Police has taken the matter into consideration and asked Twitter user to share the number or account details from whom she has been receiving threats.

As the issues advances, the hypocrisy of the self proclaimed Liberals has been exposed. When Twitter user Pooja rejected to interact with Muslim Customer care representative, the entire lobby slammed her, but now when she is facing such disgraceful remarks, we do not see any of them condemning it.