Twitterati accuses journalist of spreading rumour about Kashmiri persecution in Kolkata

Kashmiri journalist Sameer Yasir in a tweet recently claimed that a 42 years old cardiologist who has been working at Kolkata for past 22 years has been asked to leave. “A 42-year-old cardiologist from Srinagar, who has spent the last 22 years working in Kolkata, has been asked by the group of people to leave,” he said in his tweet.

However, as soon as the tweet was made, several people questioned the authenticity of the claims. The main points of concerns were the age of the said cardiologist and the period of time he has been practicing in Kolkata, as per Yasir’s claim. According to Yasir, the cardiologist is currently 42 years old and has been practicing since 22 years, this means he passed out at the age of 20, which is impossible in the current setup of medical education in India.

“12 or +2: min age 16+
He must undergo 4 yrs of medical school and 3 yrs of internal medicine training and finally he must complete 3 yrs of specialized(cardiology) training. ie Min.age to become cardiologist in india is 26,” said one twitter user.

“42 age and working since 22 years , even simply graduation in medicine is not possible in age 20 please correct the figures , it must by typo,” said another user.

After being confronted by the people, Yasir said that the claims are not his own, but were made in a report by Kashmir life.

However, a second set of people suggested that Yasir’s tweet is being misinterpreted. This set of people contented that just because someone has been “working,” doesn’t mean that he has been practicing as a cardiologist.

“Doesn’t mean that he was a cardiologist for 20 years.. Only that he was working for 20 years in that city,” said one user.

Ever since the Pulwama attacks, rumours about Kashmiris being targeted in other parts of India, started making rounds of the Internet. In most cases, these rumours turned out to be false and baseless.