Two Key Take away of Modi’s visit from Facebook Townhall

Two Key Take away of Modi's visit from Facebook Townhall

The leader of the world’s largest democracy and the founder of one of the world’s most influential technology companies sat down for a public chat—and it turned out to be a spectacular triumph.

Amid chants of “Modi, Modi,” Zuckerberg began with a revelation: On the suggestion of Apple’s Steve Jobs, he had traveled to a temple in India to get inspiration as he sought to focus Facebook’s mission in the early days of the social network’s life.

Two Key Take away of Modi's visit from Facebook Townhall

Two striking takeaway of Modi’s visit was on Change and the other on the Mother’s advise to their child on taking the path, truly an historic and deep rooted India’s sanskriti’s teaching spoken out to the world from this townhall.

On change Modi said ” It is easy to turn a scooter, right or left, but to turn a train travelling at a speed of 40 Km/hr to actually feel the change in direction takes time, though the drift has taken for the turn it does not show immediately.” In short changes needs time it does not happen overnight and its an absolute truth in every aspect of man’s life.

On asked questions of his Mother’s role though he completely sunk into emotions which is unlike Modi, but he asserted that “every mother always wishes her child to be in the path of righteousness and that is what he has been doing all his life.”