Two minor Hindu girls abducted and forcibly converted into Islam in Pakistan on the eve of Holi

Two minor Pakistani Hindu girls were abducted and forcibly converted into Islam on the eve of Holi this year. The two belonged to the Dharki Town of Sindh Province’s Ghotki District. The incident has led to widespread protests by the Hindus and other minority groups in Pakistan where abductions and forced conversions of non-Muslim minors has become a regular affair now.

Pakistan Hindu Sewa Welfare Trust Sanjesh Dhanja president told TOI over phone from Karachi on Friday that two sisters – Raveena, 13 and Reena, 15 – were allegedly abducted and forcibly converted to Islam after their marriage. Religious minorities in Pak suffering due to persecution, says Hindu trust chief. The Hindu activists further added that police registered FIR only after the Hindu community staged protests.

There is also a video doing the rounds on social media which shows the two underage girls being married in a ‘nikah’ ceremony, while several of attendees watch.

Imran Khan had recently tweeted, ”
Naya Pakistan is Quaid’s (Jinnah) Pakistan and we will ensure that our minorities are treated as equal citizens, unlike what is happening in India.” The tweet had stirred a controversy.

Anjum James Paul, assistant professor of political science and head of department, Government Post Graduate College, Samundri, Pakistan, posted a poser for Imran Khan on his Facebook page: “And now who will stand (up) for Reena, Raveena and Sadaf Khan, Hindu and Christian Pakistani minor girls, who have been snatched from parents after abduction and conversion in February and March.”

Emphasising on stopping forced conversions and marriages of minor Christian and Hindu girls
in Pakistan, he exhorted the Pakistan PM to stand up against the violation of minority rights in Pakistan. Seeking to remind the Pakistan PM of his promise “to protect the rights of religious minorities” made during the election campaign in 2018, he said, “the situation is the same even in New Pakistan, and religious minorities are suffering due to discrimination and persecution.”

He said the two sisters were abducted and converted when they were celebrating Holi on March 20, while Sadaf Khan, a 13-year-old Christian girl was abducted, converted and married on February 6.

Dhanja further said that before this two other Hindu girls, Komal and Sonia, were abducted and forcibly converted.