U Sagayam, can truly be pegged as the lone warrior in a fight against a well organized scam system inside Tamil Nadu Minerals Limited (TAMIN) right from 2012. Fighting against corruption is not new to this honest IAS officer who in his two decades of public life has been transferred over 20 times by both the DMK and AIADMK governments. He has fought against some of the most deadliest organized Mafias in his brief tenure which includes namely the Sand Mafia, Political Mafia, Business Mafia, Granite Mafia etc etc there by extending his fight purely against corruption and corrupt practices in the state.

His entry into the Temple town of Madurai was marked by formally supervising the 2011 Assembly Election in Madurai and immediately he became target number one for M K Alagiri son of Karunanidhi who was know to control the town with an iron hand. Elections were held in a free and fair manner in Madurai post during which AIADMK formed the State Government in Tamil Nadu. Surprisingly AIADMK which came to power citing all corrupt practices of DMK (Granite Scam, 2G scam & Cable Scam) hardly lent a lending hand to this IAS officer.

The initial Granite Scam report submitted by U Sagayam in May 2012 suggested that the state exchequer suffered a loss of ₹ 16,000 crores, 4 days later he was transferred to the post of managing director of Co-optex, a handloom weavers’ cooperative in Chennai. Post the public leak of this report, this issue was forced to be taken up by the AIADMK Government and investigation continued under Anshul Mishra. Few arrests were made in the year 2013, post which Durai Dayanidhi son of M K Alagiri went into hiding to avoid courting arrest.


In the year 2014, a PIL was filed in the High Court by social activist Traffic Ramasamy which requested U Sagayam to continue pursuing the case. The legal battle continued with forces inside state government trying hard to avoid his re-entry into the case. But unfortunately for AIADMK & DMK, the HC issued an order November 2014 to bring back Sagayam into the investigation but the State Government did succeed in limiting the investigation to Granite operations in Madurai area and the Illegal Sand mining was out of the ambit.

The very recent investigations have brought out some intriguing information, it was rumored that Granite mafias (PRP Exports & Madura Granites) have kidnapped mentally challenged folks and offered them as Human sacrifices before they begin to mine the mountain from any certain place. Such bodies after being sacrificed are then illegally buried in the nearby crematoriums. U Sagayam had ordered the retrieval of such skeletal remains of 4 people (Including a kid) from Melur in Madurai (TN). But unfortunately even in this aspect he received very little support from the TN police department, hence the IAS Officer spent the whole day and night in the graveyard (Eating & Sleeping), so as to ensure there is no tampering with the evidences.


This final report which was submitted before the courts today increased the loss to the exchequer at an exponential amount of ₹ 1.1 lakh crores. Assuming that this loss is only from Illegal mining in Madurai district, what could possibly be the loss if we try to include the Illegal Sand mining activities of Tamil Nadu. Truly both DMK & AIADMK are in a synchronized mindset with respect to looting the State of its Natural resources at throw away prices. With 2016 Assembly election nearing, only time will reveal if corruption really plays a major role in the minds of people to decide their leaders.