Uber Driver Aftab gets abusive after seeing buildings and monuments named after Chhatrapati Shivaji, misbehaves with passenger

Samiir, a resident of Mumbai recently took to twitter to share accounts of his shocking expirence during an uber ride. According to Samiir, his cab driver Aftab suddenly got angry while passing through Shivaji Mandir, a theater named after 17th century Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji who is best known for destroying Mughal dominance over his region. Aftab allegedly started abusing both King Shivaji and the people of Maharashtra for having his name everywhere.

Samiir says he asked Aftab to mind his language, after which the drivers tone became even more vile and he continued with his abusive rant. According to Samiir, Aftab further said that people like Shivaji should not be worshipped and at one point even demanded him to vacate the cab. Aftab, Samiir claims, said that he did a favour to him by picking him up despite the traffic.

Only after Samiir’s insistence, Aftab dropped him at the desired location. At the end of the ride, Aftab even allegedly grabbed Samiir’s phone and gave himself five stars which however the passenger later changed to one.

Samiir says that when he reported the matter to Uber, Uber credited the amount he had paid back to his account and said that action has been taken against the driver.