UN Right Activists urge to release Maoist Sympathiser Prof. Saibaba citing poor prison conditions

Terming the ‘life sentence’ inflicted upon Delhi University Professor as gruesome and condemnable act against a ‘wheel chair bound professor’ – the United Nations rights group for ‘not fulfilling’ his rights as a prisoner afflicted with disability.

Statement in Geneva:-

In a joint statement Human rights experts in Geneva said the jailed Professor’s health is deteriorating due to ‘poor jail conditions’ and inability or rather untrained staff unable to assist prisoners with disabilities. Solitary confinement of prisoners with disabilities amounts to torture -the statement said.

Sai Baba: Academician turned Maoist sympathiser and recruiter GN Saibaba – an English Professor from the Delhi University was sentenced for life by a Maharashtra court for his links with Maoists. Saibaba who has 90 percent disability had been earlier reprimanded by Maharashtra police for his links with Maoists.

UN wants India to release Maoist Sympathiser Prof.Saibaba

UN wants India to release Maoist Sympathiser Prof.Saibaba

Posted by Republic on Friday, June 29, 2018

Convicted by Maharashtra Court:-

Baba was arrested on May 9, 2014 and convicted on March 2017. Baba, against whom the Maharashtra police seized some ‘incriminating letters’ has been diagnosed with gall bladder stones, pancreatic infection and other ‘life threatening’ ailments, sources said.

Human Rights Vs National Integrity:-

While giving medical facilities for a convicted prisoner is acceptable. Releasing a criminal who assisted the Maoists is nothing short of unacceptable in the present context. The Maoist sympathizer and recruiter of Maoists is a threat to the nation. The repeated dabbling of internal affairs of our country by UN is not only questionable but also a threat to our sovereignty. While Islamic Terrorism has risen to new heights across the world, the United Nation’s right activists instead of condemning the dastardly act of militancy in J&K are upping the ante to release a person who is a threat to the nation.