Under immense pressure, Pakistan agrees to release Abhinandan tomorrow

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday announced that Indian Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan will be released on Friday as a peace gesture.

He made the announcement while addressing a joint session of the Parliament.
Abhinandan, flying a MiG -21 Bison fighter plane, was chasing Pakistani jets which transgressed into Jammu and Kashmir yesterday and crossed over to PoK where his aircraft was shot down. He ejected safely and was taken to the custody by Pakistani Army.

Khan said the decision to release Abhinandan was a peace gesture of Pakistan.
“Pakistan wants peace and development… War will destroy both the nations,” the Prime Minister said. “War is not a solution… but don’t consider de-escalation as our weakness,” he added.

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was taken into Pakistani custody after his plane crashed into Pakistan controlled side of the border due to technical glitches. On Wednesday morning, Pakistan claimed of having three Indians under its custody, by afternoon the number came down to two and on evening they confessed of having only one. There has been immense diplomatic and military pressure on Pakistan from the very beginning to release Wing Commander Varthaman, as soon as possible.