“UNDERTRIALS”- Brilliant THRASHING of Presstitutes Who Used This Term To Sympathize With HARDCORE Terrorists of SIMI

Last week, 8 “undertrials” (terrorists) from a designated terrorist organisation called the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) killed a jail guard & fled Bhopal Central jail. The police shot them dead in an encounter at Eint Khedi, some 15 km away. The stone cold killers were stone cold dead!

A huge wave of political uprising & journalistic sympathising followed. I will not touch politicians… for now! This is for the so-called “journalists” who, in the garb of journalism, are trying to push a very dangerous propaganda in the country – that of sympathising with terrorists.

Firstly, I feel sad for their loss. While the Madhya Pradesh Police is proud to send their brothers to jannat, I extend heartfelt condolences to them. I am extending condolences because of the way they advocate their case. Perhaps because their entire survival in the mainstream media depends on setting this kind of narratives! “What kind of narrative?”, you may ask. The narrative, an extremely dangerous one, is that of sympathising with terrorists one way or the other.

Whenever a major terrorist incident occurs, some journalists start harping a tune. And the way they use the same pathetic words, I feel there is some kind of a backroom fixing. The words are all so sophisticated & niché! They sang “Judicial Killing” upon the hanging of Afzal Guru. They cried “Extra Judicial Killing” on the killing of Burhan Wani. And now, they are literally WAILING that they were “undertrials” & judiciary “could be an option”. So, the new addition to the Lutyens Dictionary of Elite Journalism is “undertrials”.

Coming to the Bhopal encounter: The so-called “undertrials” had killed Head Constable Ramshankar Yadav’s in cold blood by slitting his throat. In the counter search operation, the City Police, Counter Terrorist Group (CTG) & the ATS hit those terrorists. HARD. Hard enough for the echoes to be heard in every nook & cranny of the country.

Their hatred for PM Modi is evident from their “Ab Modi ki bari hai!” The echoes of their notorious “Taliban Zindabad” chants in Bhopal District Court are still audible. See these videos from 18/05/2016, merely TWO DAYS after results of the historic 2014 General Elections:


Here’s another:

These videos prove, beyond doubt, that they were hardcore terrorists, not “undertrials”. These “undertrials” openly talk of bringing the deadliest terrorist organisation to India. They openly announce their intent to kill the PM. These “undertrials” are a threat to national security. The Police should have finished them long ago.

The “undertrials” are SIMI members. “Students Islamic Movement of India” is a misnomer. It is neither a “student movement”, nor “Islamic”, nor “of India”. It is the forerunner of the Indian Mujahideen, a recognised hardcore designated international terrorist organisation. Not just India, 4 countries have recognised it as a terrorist organisation banned it, including USA, UK & New Zealand.

Its founder leaders of are Yasin Bhatkal & Riyaz Bhatkal (aka The Bhatkal brothers), whom the media might also fancy as “undertrials” some day. Their biographies are an interesting read. More on that later. They are known to have links with the Al Qaeda & the ISIS. Remember Abu Jundal?

Their activities include several “Fakr Hai”s, right from 2006. They proudly claimed responsibility of the UP attacks in 2007. In 2008, they set off blasts in Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad & Delhi. Then the famous German Bakery in Pune, Jama Masjid & Varanasi Ghat – proving that they are enemies of “saffron” & “green” alike! Gaya & Mumbai (the deadliest of them all) were attacked in 2011 & 2013 respectively.

The association with SIMI (IM) is reason enough to prove that these “undertrials” were, in fact, hardcore terrorists.

What About Saffron Undertrials ?

What I do not understand is how do SIMI terrorists become “undertrials” & innocent citizens become “saffron terrorists”! For instance, the investigative agency (the NIA) had given clean chit to Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur several months ago. They did not even BOTHER to investigate the role of Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit. DG Vanzara spent 8 years in jail – & got acquitted – for doing his job. When these people are arrested (only to be acquitted sooner or later), the same “journalists” take 0.3 seconds in jumping up & shrieking “Saffron Terror” like Archmedis having his “Eureka” moment!

Lt. Col. Purohit is a brilliant officer, a genius. He was the next Ajit Doval. There is overwhelming documentary evidence proving his innocence. He will get a clean chit. However, he continues to face hardships & torture in jail. On 16th October, the Court asked why the NIA is not releasing him. The Court will sit again on 16th November. The presstitutes have, however, declared him guilty and truncated his career. He has expressed his anguish in page #5 of this extremely poignant letter.

Sadhvi Pragya was a Hindu activist. And she was fairly successful (perhaps why she was framed). The ageing lady & has cancer. She cannot even walk anymore. She had to resort to a fast unto death to take the holy dip during the Ujjain Kumbh, her last wish. Only then did she get

bail. Her case was open & shut! She earlier owned the motorcycle used in the Malegaon blasts. But she proven that she had sold it off FOUR YEARS before the blasts! The NIA gave her a clean chit several months ago, but she continues to be an “undertrial”. Latest update is that on 15th October, the Court had these STERN words to say:

This is an odd case where the prosecution has no objections and yet the accused is denied bail and kept behind the bars.

She will get the next hearing with Col. Purohit is on 16th November.

The DIG of the Gujarat ATS, DG Vanzara, was a tiger. He was well known (& feared) to let his gun do the talking, especially against the trigger happy maniacs. Early 2000s saw several “undertrials” (terrorists) pumped with lead. He kept Gujarat terrorism free for over a decade. He is one of the reasons why PM Modi is alive today. Until, one day, he was arrested, framed, tortured, humiliated & structurally destroyed in a mala fide campaign against the officers of the Gujarat Police who were hitting these “undertrials” hard.

Were Col. Purohit, DG Vanzara & Sadhvi Pragya not “undertrials”? Why not show the same sympathy to them that they showed to bloodthirsty Jihadi pyromaniacs? On what basis did the presstitutes of Lutyens’ Delhi create a mockery of the so-called “Saffron” Terror? Talks in the Intelligence Bureau & other brilliant independent detectives (such as Dr. Gaurav Pradhan) are that the term was fabricated in Pakistan & fed to the Indian media & politicians.

What is the current status? DG Vanzara got acquitted. Shrikant Purohit & Sadhvi Pragya will get another hearing in mid November & sooner or later, WILL walk free.

Even if we, for the sake of argument, buy the pathetic rhetoric, consider this. If they were innocent, why did they run? And if despite the jailbreak, despite murdering an officer doing his job in cold blood, you still choose to call them “undertrials”, then I am sorry. Your “undertrials” got what they DESERVED! As a firebrand, a friend & inspiration, Major Gaurav Arya puts it:

A confrontation with the Indian forces can only go one way.

On the TOP of my voice: JAI HIND!