Unhappy With Officials’ Presentation On Development Works, PM Modi Did This Midway Meeting…

Unhappy With Officials' Presentation On Development Works, PM Modi

Unhappy with the presentation made by a group of secretaries, PM Modi recently asked them to put in more effort and rework the presentation. On another occasion, he left midway when another group was making a presentation last week, sources said.

That was unusual since the Prime Minister mostly sits through entire presentations and also takes part in the discussions that follow.

Even though the reason for his abrupt departure are not known, the two incidents have managed to send a message down the line to top bureaucrats that presentations have to be up to the mark.
Sources said PM first expressed displeasure during the presentation by the group of secretraies (GoS) on agriculture and allied sectors, which was tasked to come out with ideas and policy interventions. He told the group it seems enough effort was not put in by the group, which had secretaries from different departments. It was asked to work on it once more and come out with fresh ideas relating to the specific sectors.

Almost all the secretaries and other department heads, officials from PMO and Niti Aayog participate as audience during presentation made by each GoS at Prime Minister’s residence.
In the second case, Modi left the meeting even before the presentation by the group on health, sanitation and urban development was complete, sources said.