Unmasking the Mask of Secularism from Indian National Congress

India has always been land of diversified cultures, tradition, customs and religion. Different religious people have always lived here with peace and harmony most of the time. After independence from British, last 60 years, majority part has been ruled by Congress headed by Gandhi Family.

The same congress coined a word called “Secularism” in Indian constitution. It would have been great of the word had its true meaning from dictionary implemented, but Congress and other like minded political parties used this as Minority and specially for Muslim Appeasement to garner their votes at time of election. Congress always considered Hindus and other religions like Sikhs, Jains, Parsi’s for granted and was always trying to appease Muslims to garner their votes in all elections.

Congress Govt under Dr Manmohan singh founded Sachar Committee, another Minority appeasement unit. The Rajinder Sachar Committee, appointed in 2005 by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, was commissioned to prepare a report on the latest social, economic and educational conditions of the Muslim community of India.

Under the mask of this Sachar Committee, Congress dared to even approach Indian Army to ask the head counts of Muslims in Indian Army and bodies associated with it with excuse of provide religion wise split of headcounts. Patriotic Indian Army openly declined saying that all are Indians and we do not distinguish Army persons based on religion.

Congress Govt very intelligently by suppressing media not to publish news tried to keep it hidden from Indians,  but this was unearthed in Narendra Modi’s Interview with Rajat Sharma in AAP KI ADALAT(Part 2)




So a Political Party, who even want to distinguish Patriotic Service men based on religion to show low Muslim count and take one more step to appease Muslims is so called Secular Party in India?

We call this Unmasking the Secular Mask of Congress Party. The secret is now out and would spread to all my fellow Nationalist Indians.

Below is the Video of Aap ki Adalat, where Shri Narendra Modi exposes this truth.