UPA-2’s new scam of Rs 50k crore gets exposed by CAG-Full Video

When Congress and Gandhi Pariwar is already crying on National Herald, A New Scam has been exposed, which has stumped protesting congress on Congress. But we are sure that congress will still stall parliament as they think, country belongs to them and they have every right to loot public Money.

Below are the details of 2 New Scams exposed by CAG in Parliament.

  1. Food Grain Scam : Seems like without verification, crores are transferred to many dummy farmers (may be accounts of Vadra and likewise) and also crores to middle man’s to pocket lot of money. Money pocked which purchase and milling of food grains. Scam worth 50000 Crores
  2. Scam to profit Reliance: Worth 12500 crores, It seems like between 2010 and 2012, there were some illegal benefits done to Reliance. When questions on these favors presented to Reliance? they are now not answering.

Here is the full Video of the Incident exposed by Zee News

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