Urmila Matondkar says Hinduism has turned out be the most violent religion of them all

“The religion which was known for its pluralism has turned out be the most violent of them all in past five years,” this was the explanation of Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar on what made her to suddenly join the Congress party. And from religion, she clearly meant Hinduism.

Urmila Matondkar was at a television show with journalist Rajdeep Sardesai when she made these remarks. She said that such ‘acts of hatred and religious intolerance’ are applauded under the Modi government.

She adds that India is already in a state of dictatorship and is rapidly going in a state of anarchy where “people are thinking violence is the only way to be.” She adds how there is “complete lack of freedom of expression” and “freedom of any sort” under the Modi government.

Ms Matondkar joined the Congress last month and is contesting against sitting BJP MP Gopal Shetty who is seeking re-election from this erstwhile Gujarati-dominated BJP bastion of Mumbai North.