US senate passes bill, forcing China to allow American citizens inside Tibet

The American senate recently passed reciprocal access to Tibet bill, which ensures free movement of American citizens inside Chinese occupied Tibetan territories.

The basis of the bill is the principle of reciprocity according to which governments of two countries treat each other’s citizens equally. This means that if American government allows Chinese citizens inside its territory and ensure their free movement then the government of China should do the same. However, China does not apply this principle on Tibet, where foreign citizens are very rarely allowed.

The bill for which the international Tibetan community has been rooting for long, received support from both the sides in senate. Now it rests on the desk of President Donald Trump.

Once the bill becomes law, the Secretary of State will assess the level of access that is granted to US citizens to Tibet. The State of Secretary will also identify the Chinese officials who are responsible for forbidding the access of US citizens to Tibet. Once the identification process is over, The American administration would be free to deny entry to these responsible Chinese officials inside US.

“We should not accept a double standard where Chinese officials can freely visit the United States while at the same time blocking our diplomats, journalists and Tibetan-Americans from visiting Tibet. I look forward to President Trump signing this bill into law that will help to restore some measure of reciprocity to America’s relationship with China,” said Rubio, who introduced the companion bill in the Senate.

Expressing his gratitude to the American Senate, International Campaign for Tibet President, Mateo Meccaci said, This is truly a historic moment in the United States’ support of the Tibetan people and for its strategic security interests in the region.”

 “By passing this landmark bill, which implements the diplomatic principle of reciprocity, Congress is saying loud and clear that Tibet’s future is and will continue to be a foreign policy priority for the US. Furthermore, the American people’s overwhelming support for Tibet shows that the citizens of the free world are opposed to unfair policies that foster Beijing’s authoritarian rule and influence all over the world,” he added.