Utkal Express Derailment: Temple comes forward to provide free kitchen for accident survivors

After the accident of Utkal Express on Saturday evening with many assisting in rescue work residents of this small town set an example of selfless service to humanity.Residents of this village are providing food and shelter to needy passengers, policemen, and other rescuers.

Sri Jharkhand Mahadev Mandir in Shivpuri locality near the accident site opened a langar for survivors of the train accident inside the temple premises on Saturday night.More than 500 passengers and other people have taken food at the langar since Saturday night.

Spurred by the service of Sudhir Goel, president of Sri Jharkhand Mahadev Mandir and his team, local residents also came forward to contribute to the efforts. Goel said that people donated milk and volunteered to help in the langar in all possible ways.

Goel and his team helped passengers for returning to their homes by proving them money for their tickets. The committee members also made mobile phones available for the survivors to help them in communicating with their relatives and friends.

Sudhir Goel who is also the treasurer of Mandi Dharamsala in the town, also directed the staff to open all rooms for stay of cops, paramilitary forces and rescue team members without rent.

“They are doing service to humanity and it was our duty to take care of them,” Goel said.

Soucre:Hindustan Times