Uttar Pradesh: Woman allegedly raped by three brother-in-laws after husband gave triple talaq

A Muslim woman from Uttar Pradesh has alleged that she was raped by in-laws after her husband severed all ties using triple talaq method. According to the woman who belongs to Asifabaad Chandrapura of Bulansshahr, on 16 June her husband divorced her using triple talaq, a method which has now become obsolete after a Supreme Court order.

After giving her “Talaq,” the husband of the victim left. After which, the woman claims, three elder brothers of her husband, raped her successively. After the rape, she says, she was shoved in a car and dropped at a place near to her paternal house.

On 2nd July, the family of the victim registered a case in the Gulawathi police station of Bulandshahr. The matter was however later shifted to a police station of Meerut, where the crime had taken place.

The family of the victim has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure justice for all the victims of Triple Talaq by passing the bill which seeks to make it a punishable crime.