Vadodara police arrests Aam Aadmi Party man for posting fake news about Prime Minister Modi’s death

Vadodara police has arrested a man named Ghanshyam parmar for posting a morphed photo along with a fake message of Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s sudden death. Later during the interrogation, Parmar confessed of being an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) activist. The post was put on social networking website Facebook.

The fake news post was brought to the notice of police by BJP Youth Wing worker Jaisinh Parmar, who saw the post on 1st April late night and at first believed it. However after checking on television he realised that the post is intended at spreading fake news and reported it to the police.

During the interrogation, he admitted that he had downloaded the photo of the PM from the internet, edited it and posted it on Facebook with the text in Gujarati that said our beloved prime minister has suddenly died. He claimed his actions to be an ‘April fools’ prank.

He was produced before the local court yesterday where he was granted bail. Parmar has claimed he did it as a part of the April Fools prank.