Varun Gandhi says it’s unlikely for Rahul Gandhi to become Prime Minister in next 10 years

BJP leader Varun Gandhi on Monday said that it’s unlikely for his cousin brother and Congress President Rahul Gandhi to become Prime Minister in next 10 years. “I am not an astrologer,” he remarked when asked whether Rahul would qualify as a PM. “But I feel it’s unlikely in the next 10-20 years.”

With Modi in the harness, voters would accept no one else for the top job, Varun insisted when asked whether his cousins could give competition to the prime minister. “The country has made up its mind,” claimed the Pilibhit Lok Sabha candidate. “People are ready to give their blood to Modiji and not just their vote.”

He described his relationship with his cousins as “courteous” but “formal”. “See, whatever relation we have is because of my mother,” Varun said. “She raised me under very difficult circumstances. My mother is my family. Other relations are formal but courteous,” he remarked when asked about his ties with the Congress’ Gandhis.

According to Varun, Modi has raised the bar for competition in national politics. “Politics, present and future, now rests on two things — a) your capability and b) your ability to forge relationship with the people,” he said. “As a worker, I feel the country would keep voting for the BJP because of its grandeur.”

Varun claimed the BJP has given a “solid structural programme” which he said has reached the last mile under Modi’s “towering” leadership.

At the centre of speculations earlier that he might join the Congress, Varun vowed unflinching loyalty toward the saffron party.

“If I leave the BJP, it would be my last day in politics. I have an intense bonding with the BJP.”

As party general secretary back in the 2014 campaign, Varun reportedly downplayed a Modi rally in Kolkata as ordinary.

The same year, he instead praised his cousin Rahul for development activities in Amethi. After Modi became the prime minister, Varun was stripped of his party responsibilities.