Veer Bhogya Vasundra: Why the abrogation of Article 370 was a turning point in the course of India’s history

Authored by Animesh Biswas

India on August 6, 2019 was a new day for all of us. A day after India rejoiced the bold and much-awaited move by the Narendra Modi government. It was an important day for a nation that went through the pain of partition and nation which was intruded, distorted and culturally invaded.

India has gone through the pain which no other country experienced, having said that I want to add India is not merely a land with marked-up borders. It is the people and the Rashtra which truly expanded from far borders of Afghanistan till the end of Burma. A civilization that has gone through many changes across those thousand years. India still holds its soul in the land we live in.

The political parties and those who did not understand the true essence of a Rashtra could not do justice to our true identity ruled our nation for almost 7 decades. Some of those leaders did not learn about the fact, that Our freedom should have been on our terms ( which was undivided India ) and not at the mercy of the British.

The historical blunder of letting Pakistan invading and holding on to our land, which is POK today. the blunder of letting Aksai chin, Tibet, letting India getting divided into two nations narrates only a small part of the political mistakes. I fail to understand what was the logic of the then prime minister of letting the UNSC seat slip off, what was the reason for accepting the imposition of article 370.

One of those mistakes were rectified on 5th August. Removing article 370 will bring much needed true inclusion of Kashmir to India. It will bring prosperity and peace in the valley in the long run.

This decision of the government is not only about Kashmir but brings some fundamental changes in the future

1. Take our(BJP) commitment seriously
For a very long time, the common man thought the commitments of politicians are not trustworthy enough as the majority of time Congress made false commitments and never delivered. Garibi Hatao was merely an election slogan and no real efforts were made to live to the slogan. We won in the 2019 general elections purely on the ability to live up to the commitments. whether it was delivering one rank one pension, toilet to every household, smoke-free homes, money in hand for the middle class and keeping the country safe. Modi government delivered at all fronts. Modi 1.0 completely changed the political narrative and Amit shah ensured BJP cadre leads the social movement for change.

2. We can deliver what we say.
The government and party learned the mantra of goal orientation under the leadership of the dynamic duo. Narendra Modi enabled the government to learn delivery and Amit Shah made the party’s cadre focus on delivery too. BJP became the world number one party under his leadership and won, made governments in all the parts of the country. It gained unprecedented grounds in West Bengal. once regarded as the fort of the communism, BJP is on course to make the next government. This all was achieved by the perfect team under Amit Shah and the hard work of ground cadre.

3. Modi has changed Indian politics
BJP’s thumping win in the recent Loksabha elections is a restoration on Indian people’s trust in politics and politicians. They voted above the legacy beliefs of caste, region, and religion.

4. India has learned how to take tough decisions for its interest. Revoking Article 370 was never an easy decision to take. It took courage, confidence and very meticulous planning. The govt has scored full marks for its valiant decision. This is going to have a long term positive effect on a nation which is ambitious enough to lead the world. The country first becomes the motto of every citizen on the nation.

5. Message for Young India.
The dynamic leadership today has inspired young workers like me, who look up to the dynamic leadership our party has. I don’t remember feeling so strong as a nation and so full of confidence. Our leadership has successfully taught us with their actions that a common BJP worker like me needs to work harder towards national Goals. As a party cadre and seeing the day to day activities of my leadership, my president Amit Shah and our leader Narendra Modi, We have learned that BJP’s vision is imbibed within its basics. Dr. Shayama prasad Mukherjee, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and Lal Krishna Advani’s baton and wishes are truly carried by our current leadership.

In Geeta, Bhagwan Shri Krishna said: “Veer Bhogya Vasundra” means The Brave Shall Inherit the Earth. Bharat has recognized its motto and we as a nation have to take brave bold decisions keeping Country First and Self Last.

The Author is a National Executive Member of BJP’s Youth Wing