Venkaiah Naidu Slams Fringe Elements ! Must Watch For All Nationalists-Full Video


Venkaiah Naidu slammed Congress over the remarks made by former ministers Salman Khurshid and Mani Shankar Aiyar in Pakistan, dragging in party chief Sonia Gandhi into the row which resulted in a brief exchange between them in Lok Sabha.

Condemning Aiyar for seeking the overthrow of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the neighbouring country, Naidu said he had expected Sonia to condemn the remarks.

Naidu then trained his guns at Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi’s recent remark about BJP that Hindi-speaking people were trying to take control of the north-eastern state. Naidu called it a divisive ploy by the Congress leader.

During his speech on the Constitution, the parliamentary affairs minister dismissed the charge that there was a threat to the Constitution.

“Today, there is no threat to the Constitution, no emergency, there are no arrests (of political rivals), no suprsession of judges. We must work together to strengthen the Constitution,” he said.

Naidu slams Owaisi and speaks on Hindutva

The minister has from long slammed the allegations of Hindutva and Sangh propagandas being promoted in the nation. He has explained why our nation Hindustan is not something that is just for the Hindus. He has given examples of many Indian companies which have Hindustan in their name. He argued that these names were not given by Modi or the RSS. He has also slammed the Owaisi brothers for their derogatory remarks on Hindu Gods. He urged them to refrain from making such comments just to ensure flow in the vote banks.

He has urged the Parliament to not concentrate on issues that are not actually prevalent and just a creation of the Media and some fringe elements. He has also voiced the need to concentrate on more important issues like development and progress.

This old  VIDEO of Naidu where he speaks on the apparent allergy of some people to the word Hindu and their misconceptions is a tight slap on all those politicians and Media persons who are trying to allege BJP of colouring the country orange in the name of Hindutva !

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