Venkaiah Naidu’s Amazing Speech in RS on Demonetisation of Currency is a Must Watch !!

Opposition, which may have black money is now united and trying to disrupt parliament on Surgical Strike on Black money, which is Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee currency. There was Anand Sharma of Congress, who gave a baseless speech in RS yesterday or Mamata Banerjee, who took many leaders with her to President protesting may be for protecting their black money.

Union Minister and BJP MP Venkaiah Naidu gave an Amazing speech on the same in Rajya Sabha.He started his speech with saying “People are not interested in what you said and what you did. They are no more interested in allegations. They want change and Modi ji is bringing that change.”

He went on to say that It is a “Hawan” and we all are paying towards the success of this Hawan. The Aahuti that we are giving in the Hawan is Black Money. He went on saying “Congress ruled the country for 50 years and I want to ask you a question, all these capitalists born and grown in these 2 years only which we governed?” Who made all these crony capitalist?

Here is the full video of his speech.

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