VHP Activist files RTI on Deportation of foreigners from India

Girish Bharadwaj continues his fight against Missionaries who are using foreign Evangelists to lure the gullible and the poor to convert them to Christianity. He has filed an RTI on the measures taken by the Government of India and Investigative authorities on the following points:

  1. The Number of illegal infiltrators deported from India from 2011 to 2018 with nation wise details and year wise details.
  2. Whether the Government has appointed any independent agency or Task Force to tackle Illegal infiltration in India.
  3. Copy of laws to deport those who have come to India as students to pursue their education and overstaying in India without extending their VISA
  4. Rules to be followed by a Foreigner during his stay in India for employment purpose

Copy of the RTI filed by Girish Bharadwaj is available with SatyaVijayi

Girish Bharadwaj, VHP activist, has been instrumental in sending back self-styled Evangelists such as Guillermo Maldonado; who was trying to enter India with the help of anti national forces . He has again filed these important queries in the best interests of the nation.

Karnataka has thousands of illegal immigrants who are either over staying or Bangla immigrants. Areas such as Kammanahalli, Kalyan Nagar, Rama Murthy Nagar, Bhoopsandra have many students who are staying illegally. Unconfirmed sources also say that thousands of Bangladeshis are residing in Chickmagalur district; however, thanks to the soft approach towards minorities by the earlier Congress government, instead of taking stringent action and sending them back, they are being used as vote bank.

The illegal immigrants are a grave threat to the nation and the society. Greedy land lords and Educational institutions luring foreign students have further compounded the problem.

In another RTI, Girish had disclosed the nexus of Minority officials occupying key departments such as Operations, Finance and Accounts, Establishment etc., despite a clear directive that Minorities are refrained to occupy such key decision making positions.

Speaking exclusively to Satyavijayi, Girish said “Once i get a reply from the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs), i will discuss on the future course of action. Legal action will be taken against them and all identification documents issued in connivance with Politicians will be cancelled. It will be hard time for such illegal immigrants, who are staying here despite expiry of their VISA and other documents” he said.

“Land lords and other government officials who are supporting them by issuing fake documents will not be spared too”, he said.

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