Video: Aurangzeb RIPPED APART by Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary [Must Watch]

Aurangzeb truth image 1

Unlike other news channels like Times Now and NDTV, Zee news has recently been airing nationalist news items. In this video that we are going to show you (posted by Tarek Fateh), Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary brings out the truth of Emperor Aurangzeb and explains how he divided the nation on communal lines. Before doing that, he brutally killed or imprisoned family members in order to get the throne. The video also highlights how in Pakistan, Muslims love to highlight Aurangzeb because he was anti-Hindus.

The channel also shows the speech of Tarek Fateh when he initially demanded that Aurangzeb road be renamed. This is a must watch for all nationalists as well as for those who like Aurangzeb. Is he the role model anyone should have? Can we have secularism in our country if Hindu killers are made a hero?