Video: My Dear Brothers Here Is The Meaning of Vande Mataram & It Is NOT Against Any Religion

There has been a debate these days over different topics related to our India’s Glorification, may there be saying “Bharat Mata Ki Jay” or Showing respect for National Anthem or Singing Vande Mataram. Mullavi’s from different parts of countries have issued Fatwa’s as usual and opposed Vande Mataram saying it is against Islamic

But there is one point which no one understands, why these people after 69 years of Independence now release that singing National Anthem, saying Bharat Mata Ki Jay or singing Vande Mataram is against their Religion. Did something all of a sudden happen or did anything change in the Religious books or any where that suddenly there has been a segment of society who feel it’s against their Religion. Well, it’s easy to understand that there is a political motive behind all the drama and some one is trying to play Political games distorting the dignity of your religion.

Well, in 1950 Vande Mataram was declared as National Song, but now in 2017 suddenly it starts hurting a Religion. Let’s see what Vande Mataram means:

Hopefully now going forward you can be proud and sing Vande Mataram. Jai Hind !!