Video: Dravidian Leader K Veeramani compares Lord Krishna’s Leelai with Pollachi Rape Scandal

Controversial Dravidian Leader K Veeramani is well known for making derogatory remarks on Hindu culture, practices & gods. In a recent event conducted by the Dravida Kazhagam on 22nd March 2019 at Chennai, K Veeramani was seen speaking on the title “Pollachi Scandal – Irresponsible Brahmin Behaviour”.

“Lord Krishna should be the first person who should be booked for the criminal act of eve teasing. If he (Lord Krishna) had access to the Pollachi rape tapes, he would have gladly shown it to all other people in Deva Lokam”, said K Veeramani.

This has not been the first instance where K Veeramani has insulted Lord Krishna. “From stealing butter at small age, to stealing women’s clothes at adolescence and further asking them to come out, Krishna was the instigator of Eve teasing,” the Dravidian leader had said in 2013. He was also seen at the helm of affairs in conducting the “Thali (Mangalsutra) Removing Ceremony” in 2015.

Several Twitter users have lashed out at K Veeramani for his derogatory statement against Lord Krishna and Hindu culture, many others have requested that the CM of Tamil Nadu should take appropriate action for spewing venom on Hinduism.