VIDEO: Firebrand Reporter Jagruti Shukla Rips Apart Pseudo Feminists and Fake Liberals on Zaira Wasim Controversy!!

Zee News firebrand reporter Jagruti Shukla rightly asked few questions about self proclaimed and alleged molestation statement by Zaira Wasim in Vistara Flight.

She raised some valid questions in a vibrant democracy like India, which is completely valid and acceptable particularly when the so called attempt made by Zaira Wasim looks extremely artificial and fictitious at first look and more looks like a poor attention seeking victim card display.

This did not go well with many self proclaimed secular and liberal gang. Likes of Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar abused Jagruti in the name of Pseudo feminism and even wished that she gets molested for asking valid questions in a democracy like India.

She was labeled Sanghi Bhakt and Hindu as if being Hindu is a crime in India. Pressure and abuses were hurled in such a massive way to ensure that she never opens her mouth again as self proclaimed secular and liberals believe and endorse conditional Freedom of speech only for them and not for others.

They themselves divide the country appeasing minority to the likes of even terrorists(mercy petition was filed even for a monster like Kasab) and go to an extent to call all Hindus as communal and sometimes even terrorists.

Here is the Video of Brave Jagruti ripping apart these pseudo leftist communist liberal hypocrites.

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