VIDEO: “I Told this Autowla- Modi Has Done Wrong”- What He Told Me Will Blow Your Mind

VIDEO: “I Told this Autowla- Modi Has Done Wrong”- What He Told Me Will Blow Your Mind

Source:The Lotpot

I am a Software Engineer and work in a Start up software firm. I am from Bangalore but now live in Delhi as I got transferred here 6 months ago. As a fresher- I travel by using Auto Rickshaw and share my room with a few roommates.

I had never voted till now as I had been least interested in Politics. Chilling out with friends- Weekly beer party- and enjoying movies defined my life.

When on 8th November – Narendra Modi announced the decision of “Demonetization of 500/1000 Notes”- I took 3000 Rs out from my account to pay my House Rant- All 500 Notes. And my first thought after the decision was- Shit- I have to visit a Bank to deposit this money now as Landlord will not take it.

Next day I took leave- Visited bank- waited for 6 hours in a queue to get Rs 3000 exchanged as I had to deposit my rant.

Anyhow- Some days after I was as usual going to the office in an Auto – And as a Habit- I was talking to the Auto wala about Modi’s decision of Note Ban. I told him “Why the decision was rubbish- How people are suffering- How I had to wait for hours in queue- How I am not able to purchase anything easily- And how this decision has created chaos for the common man.

I was expecting a Nod from him.

But in return he said something to me – which made me “to think how small a person I am”. He started talking about Black Money, Corruption- How the Black Money holders will get exposed and How this will bring change to the nation, to election system- As a whole to India. He then showed me the card of “His daughter’s marriage”. I was Numb.

I asked him to give this message on Video- which I am showing you below. He gave this message to all of Us.

He made me think How a fake Indian I am – who used to think that “I am a true Indian” but when it came to sacrifice some time for the country- I started abusing it.

My life’s hardship and my problems are very tiny in front of this Auto vala Bhiyya- But still he is a rock solid person standing behind his country like a Mountain.

I am embarrassed- and now I think- Youth has to change.

Having a good time is OK- But Youth need to participate for nation building.