Video: Intelligent Cow SAVES a girl from Attackers who were trying to hurt her

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Most people do not believe that cows are intelligent. For them, it is either just a source of milk or a source of meat. Indians have long held cows closer to themselves than most people in the west do with dogs and cats. In fact, in olden days, cows would be considered as part of the family. Today, we will show you why cows can be considered intelligent.

A CCTV footage has emerged from Madhya Pradesh. As per reports, this incident happened in Gwalior in MP. A girl who was attacked by a few men had no where to go and it seemed that she may be badly hurt, if not killed. Luckily for her, a cow from nearby came to her rescue and hit the attackers badly, making them flee. The cow did not hurt the girl or any other person but the attackers, making it clear that it was not an accident.

Here’s the video:

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