VIDEO: Islamic Mulla Insults Lord Rama on Live TV Debate through fake facts

Political and Religious Debates are common and many of the TV news debates become abusive and feel like, you are in a fish market. In this country, where Kamlesh Tiwari was arrested for months for uttering a word against Mohammad.

Muslims wanted to stone and kill a minor, who allegedly posted a facebook post not going well with many Muslims of Bengal and state CM choose to remain silent.

But the same secular gang, who were silent in above 2 locations would also choose to remain silent in below incident, where a Jihadi Islaimc Mulla Abdur Rehman Abid Insults Lord Rama on Live TV. To an Argument on a debate held in News18, this Jihadi Mulla openly calls that so called Allah has given a birth of Lord Rama and everyone else as well in this world. He probably is unaware of the facts that Islam is hardly 500+ years old based on unverified facts dictated by Mohammad and Hinduism has history of thousands of years.

Here is the full Video

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