VIDEO: Madhur Bhandarkar Shuts down Sagarika Ghose on Indu Sarkar Debate

Self proclaimed secular Sagarika Ghose considers secularism is one sided. On one side, they blame Censor board for cuts in Amritya Sen’s documentary, where the so called over hyped economist, who allegedly ruined  Nalanda University and pocketed funds for personal benefit is supported in debate and Madhur Bhandarkar, who has made film on Emergency is called State Sponsored.

Madhur clearly shuts down Sagarika and tells, if she has no guts in calling Amritya Sen documentary Opposition(Congress) sponsored then what rights she has in calling his movie Sponsored? He adds if they are so against his movie, all the editorials in DD and other channels regarding Emergency should be banned and removed as he shows nothing new.

Sagarika has no answer to this as this falls apart similar to her one sided secularism appeasing Muslims or Gandhi’s .

Here is the full Video

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