Video: Mumbai Shopkeeper Attacked with Sword for Complaining about Extortion

mumbai shopkeeper attacked
A screenshot from the video

A Mumbai Shopkeeper was attacked by an assailant armed with a sword during business hours. Luckily for him, an alert customer attacked the assailant and tackled him out of the store before he could cause any big damage to the life of the shopkeeper.

It is to be noted that the shopkeeper is physically challenged and could not have saved himself anyway under the circumstances as the attack was sudden. Rajnish Singh Thakur, the shopkeeper, suffered injuries to his neck and hand and is currently undergoing intensive care treatment.

CCTV footage of the attack was available and it showed how the assailant suddenly attacked Thakur who was sitting behind the counter. The camera also captured how the alert Muslim customer seen wearing a skullcap immediately came to the rescue of the shopowner. Watch the CCTV footage of the attack below.