VIDEO: This Muslim Clerics Statement on Shri Ram Mandir Controversy is indeed an Eye Opener

Many people have given controversial and some not so controversial statements on ram Mandir dispute. Right from some self proclaimed secular people demanding Hospital or college in the land to ones like Azam Khan saying, Only Babri Mazjit wll be built and many will do Kurbani for the same to people wanting Ram Mandir as its birth place of ram and temple already existed there destroyed by Babar.

A Muslim cleric gave statement on Ram Mandir dispute, which is an eye opener for many. here is what he said.

“In Ayodhya Ram Mandir vs Babri Masjid case too, Muslims must come forward to Support Ram Temple because that place is Mecca of Hindus, birthplace of Lord Ram”..

“Many Muslim historians too have written in their accounts that how Ram temple was demolished to make a Masjid by Mughal invader Baber at holy site of Hindus in Ayodhya.. After death of Baber Hindus started praying there by putting statues of Ram.. But again Aurangeb demolished the temple complex, and re-erected Masjid.. Since then constant fight is going at that place”.

Here is the full Video of truth he spoke.


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