Video: Nitish vs. Lalu Fights; Before Modi’s fear Brought them together

Lalu vs nitish image 1

Before Nitish and Lalu came along together in a partnership with Congress and AAP for the coming assembly elections in Bihar, they were sworn enemies. Nitish has been fighting against Lalu for ages and vice versa. If you were to go just 2 years back in history and tell to any Bihari Yadav that Lalu would fight the election with Nitish, he would laugh at you. If you were to tell any INDIAN who knew about Bihar politics about Nitish joining Lalu, they would have thought of you as a stupid or a mad person. But the fear of a common enemy brings enemies together sometimes. This time, the common enemy was our PM Modi.

The working style of Modi Ji is such that people all over India, for the first time in decades, gave any party a full majority in the parliament. Regional parties like BSP, SP, JDU and RJD were destroyed in the Lok Sabha elections. There was suddenly a threat to Nitish and Lalu that they would never gain power again if Modi brought the fight to Bihar.

This threat combined together with the greed of the status and money of power made the unthinkable come true. Lalu joined hands with Nitish AND Congress. What’s worse is Arvind Kejriwal joined Lalu in this fight and even shared stage with Lalu. Lalu with Kejriwal

Again, this would have been unthinkable just about a year back.

Anyway, what’s done is done. But the history is here for all to see. Thanks to Google, Youtube and Social Media, nothing ever dies anymore.

Here are some videos where Nitish attacked Lalu or was attacked by Lalu. See how these modern Jai and Veeru were the biggest rivals in Indian politics.

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