Video of Russian priest baptising toddler in devilish manner goes viral

A video has gone viral on the Internet, in which a priest from Russia is seen baptising a 2 years old child in a devilish manner. The video was originally shared on Facebook but later went on to become a global viral with several international news outlets covering story about it. The priest seen in the video has attracted widespread criticism from across the world.

The priest in the video is seen holding a girl child from her neck and brutally pushing her inside water for three dips in quick succession. The body language of the priest while performing the ritual was very aggressive as well as reckless.

The girl is seen visibly shaken up while gasping for breath in between the three head dips. Water is also seen gushing out of the font, due to the impact of priest’s pressure. Just as the ritual was over, the girl screamed out loudly out of pain and fear.

Later, a worried parishioner named Liliya Raznikova told Daily Mail that Semlitove, the priest in the video, believes that children, except newborns, should be broken during baptism to cast the devil out of them.

There were claims that the bearded priest twice struck the girl’s head on the edge of the font, during the first two dunks, which were denied by the mother of the girl.

However, the mother did admit that the girl was terrified after the baptism and was scared of the priest. The priest has since been suspended from officiating at services and will be judged by the Church court.