VIDEO: Piyush Goyal Exposes Double Standards Of West On Renewable Energy

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In the past two centuries, the western world has used and misused the fossil fuels including coal, gas & others to power their economies and to move quickly ahead and reach the top of the world economically. They are now in a position to invest as much money as needed in renewable energy. While they have caused unimaginable destruction to the climate and to earth in the last two centuries, they grew their economies on it. Now that they are big economies, they care about staying that way.

The west is now suddenly conscious about the damage happening to the environment as money allows them the comfort to worry about the same. They now expect the developing countries to develop fast while running with both feet in the air. This cannot happen. The west has misused the environment for their growth and it is them who needs to take the burden of making the world a cleaner place.

The United States, for example, was consuming about the same coal PER CAPITA 150 years back as India is consuming now. Piyush Goyal also explains how, even today, USA is consuming 2-2.5 times the coal that India does, in absolute terms.

Piyush Goyal nails their hypocrisy on clean energy in this must watch video:

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